R. Cody Carver

R. Cody Carver

Travel through Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo mega-cluster of galaxies and beyond. Imagine living in the 23rd century and returning to today. Encounter extraterrestrial beings both aggressive and beneficent. Explore minds vastly more intelligent than ours.

About R. Cody Carver

Gay cis-male married with offspring and grandoffspring. Episcopal priest. Forensic nurse and nurse educator. Experience with isolation, deprivation, torture, food scarcity, shelter uncertainty, acceptance, compassion, gratitude, generosity, expansiveness, mysticism.


BA Psychology. MDiv. PhC Linguistics. PhC Evolutionary Psychology. ADN. MN Public Health and Nurse Educator. Mental Health Nurse. Forensic Nurse. Simulation Design.


Making friends with irascible people and learning what brings them joy. Travel. Living things. World building. Theory of mind. Exobiology. Diversity. Conflict. Alternatives to war. Spirituality. Cosmology.


Black Bird from Blue Planet

Crow on Ice Moon

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